1. Nov 25, 2020

Public health efforts for eye injury prevention crucial due to rising treatment costs

In this retrospective, cross-sectional study, Emergency Department (ED) visits in the United States with a primary diagnosis of eye trauma from 2009 to 2014 were included.

During the 6-year study period, there were over 3.9 million ED visits, with an annual incidence of 208/100,000 population.

The mean age of patients was 33 years. The majority (66%) were males, with 28% from low-income households, 22% on Medicaid, and 19% on self-pay.

To report the incidence, disposition and economic burden of Emergency Department (ED) visits for eye trauma in the United States (U.S.). Nearly all patients (97%) were released from the ED after treatment. Only 1.4% were admitted. The mean inflation-adjusted charge per visit increased from $1,411 to $1,786 (27%) over the study period. Total charges exceeded $5.2 billion.

The most expensive injuries to treat were orbital floor fracture at $5,580 and open globe at $5,512. In addition, these were the most common causes of hospitalization accounting for 46% and 28%, respectively.

Iftikhar M, et al. ED Visits for Eye Trauma in the U.S.: Incidence, Disposition, and Economic Burden. Presented at: AAO 2020 Virtual.